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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Independent Online Edition > Somali? Eritrean? Guessing?: "Police named the bomber who tried to detonate his device on the Tube at Warren Street on 21 July as 24-year-old Yasin Hassan Omar. The two men are thought to have been in Britain for several years, although they are believed to be of a Somalian background and their terror cell has links with east Africa. The Home Office refused to disclose whether they were living in Britain illegally." - News - special report: My friend the suspect: "One resident says three weeks ago she saw would-be bus bomber Muktar Said Ibrahim, who's believed to be from Eritrea, loading around 50 cardboard boxes into a lift with the help of another man called George who has lived in the flat for some years. "

Foreign Policy Association - Job Board: "To service and help coordinate the PWYP campaign in Africa in collaboration with national coalitions, the International PWYP Coordinator and other NGO partners."

Monday, July 25, 2005

Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship | The Skoll Foundation - "Investing in, connecting and celebrating social entrepreneurs" | Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship: "Skoll Awards provide second-round, or mezzanine funding, structured as core support in the form of grants, loans or a combination of the two. Qualifying organizations will be led by a social entrepreneur and will have:"

Sunday, July 10, 2005

BBC NEWS | Africa | First Ethiopia poll results drawn: "Nomads are due to vote in mobile polling stations in August to elect 23 MPs from the Somali region. " So Region Five holds the balance of power?

List of Missing Persons from London Bombings

Wednesday, July 06, 2005 Uganda: World Bank Gives $56m for Kiboga Website: "KIBOGA district will go online following a $56m (sh98b) World Bank grant for creation of websites, Paddy Galabuzi, the district planner, has said."

This figure just has to be wrong...

Balancing Act News Update - African internet developments Some more revolutionary demacracy in Ethiopia:

"- The Ethiopian government has blocked the sending of SMS messages on Ethiopia's mobile network. Subscribers can still receive (from outside Ethiopia) but cannot send. The reason given for this is that the opposition party and others were using SMS to incite demonstrations and riots a couple of weeks ago when the government announced the delay in finalising the election results. The SMS ban will continue until after the planned July 8th
announcement of those results."