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Friday, August 29, 2003

War On Want : Vacancies : Media Officer: "Vacancies
Media Officer
Be at the cutting edge of campaigning…

War on Want works in partnership with people across the developing world while undertaking cutting-edge anti-poverty campaigns in the UK and beyond. We are seeking a committed, enthusiastic and energetic individual to help us capitalise on the opportunities open to us in the media and, also to maximise the effectiveness of our website.
The successful applicant will have considerable media experience and preferably some knowledge of international issues. Equally important is the ability to effectively communicate War on Want’s campaigns and projects and the capacity to think creatively to achieve positive coverage for our issues. The post-holder will also play a key role in developing and co-ordinating the website.
To apply, please download the attachments from this site."

Thursday, August 28, 2003 Books: Ethiopia (Country Profiles)

Second edition of my book updated by Abraham Woldegiorgis. Buy now! Books: Ethiopia Since the DERG: A Decade of Democratic Pretension and Performance: "Synopsis
The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) took over from the much hated army dictatorship of Mengistu's DERG at the beginning of the 1990s. This book is the outcome of an intensive research and monitoring study of the growing gap between democratic aspirations and reality. It focuses on the elections held in 2000 and 2001 but also presents the wider context and issues including gender, urban and rural contrasts, class and caste conflict, and environment. While the EPRDF is a great advance on the previous DERG administration, the authors are critical of how far it has fallen short of its original democratic hopes. They explain why it seems unable to accept any indication of a faltering in its rural support or afford to lose political control even in a small number of localities. They conclude that only when the regime recognizes its shortcomings will it create the conditions for substantive democratization. "

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Rare insight into the Lord's Resistance Army:
Rat-eating defector Oneka spills:

"Oneka told journalists that he spent two years in a Khartoum hospital after the rebels broke his jaws in 1998 when he tried to escape.

Sudanese military officers reportedly took him to Khartoum for treatment. The rebel fighter handed himself over to the UPDF on August 23 at the Uganda-Sudan border after contemplating suicide.
When Oneka finally gave up the idea of shooting himself, he came across two elderly men and a boy hunting.

He tried to put the trio at gunpoint but they fled in various directions abandoning an edible rat, which he gleefully picked for his supper.

So what does Oneka want to do with the rest of his life now? The former rebel fighter wants to become a driver, a skill he was taught in the Sudan. " (Monitor)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Job Posting - Senior Analyst (West Africa) - ICG

Job Posting - Regional Operations Manager - Oxfam East Africa

High IQ for Humanity
Obscure and ideologically unconventional charity that needs a better name, like "Feed the Clever". "Save the Brainy"...

"High IQ for Humanity is a child sponsorship program unlike any other.

High IQ for Humanity is about more than handouts and alleviation. High IQ for Humanity is about identifying and educating the gifted children of the developing world so that they may become prominent factors in the advancement of their nations. "

Job Posting - Oxfam Regional Media and Advocacy Coordinator - West Africa

Jobs, jobs, jobs - interesting Africa jobs: Job Posting - Programme Manager – East Africa - Traidcraft

Monday, August 18, 2003

Hindu Press International July 5, 2003
Kenya's national slogan "Harambee" is derived from a Hindu chant used by Indian railway workers a century ago. It's presumably similar in etymology to Hare Krishna.

"Investigations into the origin of the Gujarati word, according to the Christians, indicates that Indian workers, while working on the Mombasa-Kampala railway more than a century ago, lightened their work by chanting 'Haree Ambee,' which in their words meant 'Hail, Ambee.' With time, the words came to be assimilated into Kiswahili, Kenya's national language, to mean 'pooling together.'"

First read at

The Monitor (Uganda): "The Chief of Military Intelligence, Col Noble Mayombo, told court yesterday that some donors support rebels but declined to name any saying it is classified information.
Mayombo also named Afghanistan, Costa Rica and Suriname as countries that are considered to be enemies of Uganda."

Costa Rica plotting against Uganda?? Uh?

Friday, August 15, 2003

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Protest over Horn footballing troops

"United Nations officials have protested to the Ethiopian Government over what they describe as repeated border infringements by Ethiopian troops into Eritrea. The soldiers entered the temporary security zone on the Eritrean side of the border on three occasions to play football. "

Thursday, August 14, 2003

ICT jobs in Rwanda

"The Rwanda Development Gateway Group (RDGG) invites applications to 18 positions for the implementation of activities related to the use of information and communication technologies for sustainable development in Rwanda (please see the file for detailed description).To obtain information on complete job descriptions and requirements on how to apply, please send an email to Preference will be given to qualified Rwandan nationals.Deadline of Application: 31 August, 2003."

AMREF - Jobs at AMREF: "Publication Editor and Regional Training Coordinator"

WNSP and GKP Gender and ICT Awards Deadline: August 25

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Call for Contributions: Rhodes Journalism Review (WSIS): "The Rhodes Journalism Review is published by the Department of
Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University in South Africa. It is
disseminated to editors, journalists, media academics, media trainers
and media policy-makers throughout the African continent and abroad.
Contributors are scholars and practitioners in the broad field of media.

This special edition of the Rhodes Journalism Review will focus on
Placing African Media at the centre of World Summit on the Information
Society. This WSIS African Media special edition aims to showcase
critical African thinking and innovation in media practice. In addition
to its usual circulation, this edition will be widely disseminated at
WSIS Geneva as part of Africa's intellectual contribution to the ongoing

Friday, August 08, 2003

Reuters AlertNet - How to apply for the top humanitarian prize: "Nick Cater writes about disasters, development, environment, crisis and conflict. His Words & Pictures consultancy has carried out assignments for commercial and non-profit clients, from Bob Geldof to the World Bank and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. He explains how to apply for the Foundation's annual humanitarian award, worth $1 million"

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Job Posting - Africa editor: "SciDev.Net seeks an Africa editor to develop its coverage of science and technology in sub-Saharan Africa and build up its network of contributors and partners in the region. Responsibilities will include writing, commissioning and editing material, promoting and marketing SciDev.Net in the region, and overseeing and co-ordinating production of a regular newsletter. Assistance will also be required in providing French translations of selected material."

Job Posting - Country Director: "The American Bar Association Africa Law Initiative (ABA-Africa) is currently seeking a mid-career attorney with 5 or more years of experience to serve as Country Director in Rwanda to implement an access to Justice Program. The primary focus of this program is the promotion and protection of the rights of women and children. To that end, the Country Director would work closely with the Ministry of Justice, and change-agents within the legal professional community."

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

BBC NEWS | Africa | Sniffer rats to find African mines: "A new weapon is being developed in the battle against the millions of unexploded landmines that kill innocent children and adults around the world - the African pouched rat.
Cheap, intelligent and, crucially, lightweight, rats are being trained in Tanzania to sniff out landmines and explosives. "

Monday, August 04, 2003

ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: No demarcation unless ruling changed, say Tigrayan officials Uh oh. Will Ethiopia and Eritrea go back to war? Will Meles keep his job?

NEPAD Mailing List Why is NEPAD's online HQ in Vienna?

Friday, August 01, 2003

Naomi Klein on NGO gagging by USAID: "For aid workers, there are even more strings attached to U.S. dollars. USAID told several NGOs that have been awarded humanitarian contracts that they cannot speak to the media -- all requests from reporters must go through Washington. Mary McClymont, CEO of InterAction, calls the demands 'unprecedented,' and says, 'It looks like the NGOs aren't independent and can't speak for themselves about what they see and think.' " (Globe and Mail)

Nearly $1 billion private investment in Uganda: "The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) licensed 152 projects in the last financial year 2002/2003 with a total planned investment of $858,049,956 expected to create 14,966 jobs." (New Vision)

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Negro emancipation: "Negro emancipation

On Saturday August 2, 1834, slavery was abolished in the British Empire. The Guardian issued this report at the time:

Job: Anti-Slavery International Africa Programme Officer