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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Arithmetic of Empathy
In one recent experiment, Slovic presented subjects with a picture of "Rokia," a starving child in Mali, and asked them how much they'd be willing to give to help feed her. Then he showed a different group photos of two Malinese children — "Rokia and Moussa." The group presented with two kids gave 15 percent less than those shown just one child. In a related experiment, people were asked to donate money to help a dying child. When a second set of subjects was asked to donate to a group of eight children dying of the same cause, the average donation was 50 percent lower." [Wired]

Friday, August 24, 2007

Political satire on Facebook...

Kenyan opposition figure Raila Odinga has two facebook profiles. In one of them, his only friend appears to be the very dodgy Artur Margaryan. The other, which seems more likely to be real, says that Raila is " Raila is Working hard to cement ODMK unity".

Meanwhile, presidential hopfeul Kalonzo has a profile, but he only has 11 Facebook friends in Kenya.  President Mwai Kibaki seems to have 172 friends in Kenya, putting him ahead in the Facebook Kenyan election race. Minister Charity Ngilu seems to have only three friends in Kenya.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Does a black screen consume less power or a white one?

The black version of Google, Blackle, may have its carbon foot in mouth...

Finally. I get invited to something new. Mosh from Nokia in beta. I hope it makes it easy to post photos from the phone to the web. Opera photo blog didn't work for me...