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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Memorable Kenya news headlines (first in a series - if I get around to it): "Furious mother chews off son's ear over hunger claims" (Nairobi Star , 5/Jul/08)

More (potential) social games:


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via Akvo blog by Peter van der Linde on 12/9/08


Representatives of the gaming industry spend free time on the bus, developing water game concepts.

On the 19th of August two busses headed of from Amsterdam to an international gaming convention in Leipzig. 20 professionals from the Dutch gaming industry used the trip to freely spend 400 hours of creativity on developing water games concepts that address global water issues.

I am happy to share the news that the concepts that have been developed are now publicly available here. In January we will organize a follow-up meeting with representatives from the gaming sector to explore possibilities for cooperation in more detail.


Photo: world water pipe game. One of the game concepts that has been developed.

Since August I have gained a particular interest in these hand washing and solar disinfection games (dutch) that were developed by Ellis Bartholomeus from Laika, for Simavi. I feel such games can play an important role in awareness raising, especially when they are 'cultural neutral' and shared openly.

I am excited to see what will come of this.

Peter van der Linde is the partner-director of Akvo


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